Advanced Asset Management

Advanced Asset Management (AAM), an investment management firm, was created at the end of 2015 under the Superintendency of Securities of the Dominican Republic’s regulations. It is an independent entity whose objective is to capitalize on the experience, innovation, and global relations of the management team for the development of highly-specialized collective investment solutions.

AAM is governed by solid transparency and reliability principles, implementing clear and robust investment policies for managing investment funds with responsibility and discretion. Furthermore, it seeks to promote a corporate culture of success and quality by creating products of value and diversification for investors, relying on a world-class management team with decades of experience in the local and international markets.

Feller Rate, one of the most prestigious risk-rating agencies, has assigned an "A" rating to Advanced Asset Management, which indicates that the fund management has a good level of asset management structures and policies.

The assessment takes into consideration that AAM belongs to the Diesco Group, which has a track record of 50 years, with operations inside and outside the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, the rating is based on its comprehensive policy and procedure manuals and a team with a good knowledge of the Dominican financial market. In addition, it incorporates a complete legal framework that clearly regulates the activities and responsibilities of the fund management.


Business Development Companies, Advanced Investment Opportunities

In 2016, the Superintendency of Securities of the Dominican Republic approved the first investment fund of Advanced Asset Management (AAM), an Investment Fund Management Firm, called “Fondo Cerrado de Desarrollo de Sociedades (FCDS), Advanced Oportunidades de Inversión”[Closed-end Fund for Business Development, Advanced Investment Opportunities] (Fund), in the amount of Two Point Five Billion Dominican Pesos (RD$2,500,000,000.00). The Fund's objective is to support through debt and/or capital investments a select number of production companies in the Dominican Republic to enable them to achieve their growth and corporate reorganization objectives in the medium and long term.


Calle Ángel Severo Cabral #10,
Ensanche Julieta
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

(829) 893-4765